School Based Behavior Consultation 

School Based Behavior Consultation

School Based Behavior

Acuity Behavior Solutions provides unparalleled services to our district partners, offering comprehensive support and treatment for children with a wide range of behavioral health needs. We prioritize collaboration with teachers, school staff, and parents in our school-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services.

Our expertise has empowered the students we serve to acquire and effectively apply adaptive behaviors essential for success in both educational and broader life settings. The positive impact of our programs directly enhances students’ academic performance and contributes to the overall classroom performance.

BCBA support for parents at school districts ensures that families feel supported, school staff feel supported, and the district has a behavior management expert to reduce stressful and disruptive problem behaviors in the classroom. A BCBA in the classroom for consultation can reduce:

  • ZProblem behaviors
  • ZInattention of students
  • ZParent concern about problem behaviors
  • ZStaff turnover
  • ZLegal and compliance issues

A BCBA in the classroom can increase and improve:

  • ZPositive behaviors
  • ZAttention and therefore increased learning
  • ZParent acceptance of behavior planning and support provided via IEP
  • ZSupport for the students
  • ZTeacher and Instructional Assistant engagement in the classroom
  • ZCompliance with legal requirements

Acuity Behavior Support Teams play a vital role in addressing the needs of students with more intensive requirements. These teams deliver services either through a personalized 1:1 approach or in small groups. Comprised of diverse professionals, such as Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) and Behavior Interventionists, our teams ensure comprehensive support. At Acuity Behavior Solutions, our BCBAs assume responsibility for assessments, treatment planning, ongoing case management, and direct supervision and support of RBTs. RBTs deliver therapies aligned with their BCBAs’ recommendations and training, accommodating assignments that range from individual students to multiple students within a classroom, across multiple classrooms, or even spanning multiple schools with careful scheduling. Our clinicians at Acuity Behavior Solutions demonstrate flexibility in responding to evolving school and district needs, ensuring the highest quality of care across various cases and locations.

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Find out how we can help you or your child with ABA therapy to increase your child’s skills and decrease problem behaviors. ABA has been shown to be highly effective in numerous studies, and our quality ABA program has helped hundreds of children to meet goals, improve skills, and increase overall independence. Call us to set up an appointment!

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