Applied Behavior Analysis

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Applied Behavior Analysis

What Is ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a therapeutic method grounded in the principles of learning and behavior science.

the insights gained from understanding behavior are applied to real-life situations. The primary objective is to enhance positive behaviors and diminish those that are detrimental or impede learning.

ABA therapy initiatives are designed to:

  • Enhance language and communication proficiency
  • Boost attention, concentration, social skills, memory, and academic performance
  • Mitigate problematic behaviors

We understand the important role parents and caregivers have in their children’s and loved ones’ lives.

Here at Acuity Behavior Solutions, we’ll help you understand why such behaviors can emerge and suggest ways to develop improvement in positive behavior. These programs will encourage cooperation and coordination among parents and caregivers to help support your family in the home and in other environments.

Throughout this process, we will use multiple approaches to help recognize the strengths of your child and family, as well as any potential areas that might need to be changed. Around each other, during our meetings, we will set priorities and milestones to work on. Our aim is to educate, encourage, and motivate parents and caregivers by offering achievable and effective solutions that can be of assistance to your loved ones.

The Parent and Caregiver Consultation for autism training provides you with the best approach to support your child, we will help you discover the often complex spectrum of medical, educational, or behavioral guidance which they might need. Take advantage of Acuity Behavior Solutions autism training in the Orange County area today!

Does ABA Work for People With Autism?

Applied Behavior Analysis has been tested and shown in many studies to be the most effective method for improving the skills of children with Autism, also called Autism Spectrum Disorder. Many parents ask “does ABA work?” And the answer has been YES through years of research. Parents also often ask can ABA be used on higher functioning children? The answer again is YES, ABA is effective with children of all ages and ABA can be helpful for children who already have language and need more fine-tuned social skills training.

What Kinds of ABA work as Autism Treatment in Orange County And LA County CA?

Acuity Behavior Solutions provides Play-Based Applied Behavior Analysis services, including individual in-home therapy, as well as social skills groups for children, social skills groups for teens, and social skills groups for adults with Autism. Acuity Behavior Solutions’ staff can design a plan for Autism Treatment in Orange County and LA County CA of related disorders to include individual therapy or social skills groups or both. We also have clinic-based services for members who are not able to have therapy done in their own homes. Clinic-based ABA therapy can be helpful for children who need a new environment besides the home to improve skills, or who do not live in a situation where ABA in the home would be beneficial. Our supervisors at Acuity Behavior Solutions create programs that take into account the individual child and family needs. The location of therapy can be an important decision and all methods of delivery that we offer can be helpful for a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), including in-home, in-clinic, social skills groups in the clinic, and social skills groups in the community.

Why is Individualized Treatment Important for a Child with Autism?

Parents often wonder Why is individualized treatment so important? This is an excellent question. Most parents of a child with Autism know that each child with ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, is different from other children with Autism. Just like with children who don’t have Autism, each child is different! At Acuity Behavior Solutions, we individualize every plan for Autism Treatment in Orange County and LA County CA, and every treatment plan for behavior problems to ensure that it fits the exact needs of the child we are working with. If the plan was built for a different child, it might not work as quickly or as well. At Acuity Behavior Solutions, each program is specific to the child that we work with. This ensures that the goals are perfectly aligned to what the child with needs for Autism Treatment in Orange County and LA County CA at that time. There is ample research that individualization is needed in ABA programming and Acuity Behavior Solutions staff are constantly updating the programs to be in alignment with the child’s current needs.

What does individualized ABA therapy look like for a child with autism?

A good Applied Behavior Analysis program for a child with Autism will be specific for that child. ABA programs can be play-based or can be more clear non-play-based teaching. There is excellent research showing that play-based therapy, as well as other methods like Discrete Trial Training, are highly effective. Acuity Behavior Solutions uses a combination of Discrete Trial Training, called DTT for short, and Natural Environment Training, also called NET. Play-based therapy is typically recommended for any child who is able to learn in this way because it more closely imitates the way typically developing children learn. Play-based ABA therapy also makes the therapy fun and exciting, which increases participation and learning. Acuity Behavior Solutions’ staff at all levels love to play and teach through play!

Why Does ABA Work for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Applied Behavior Analysis is actually a science that works with all people, including children with Autism and other disabilities. ABA principles can be used to manage the behavior of any person, including adults! ABA is a science and years of testing have shown how to change behavior using ABA principles. An example of one of the most important ways to change behavior through ABA is with positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is a method of rewarding appropriate behavior only after the desired and appropriate behavior occurs. Positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to increase appropriate behavior.

How to Work with Acuity Behavior Solutions!

Call us today to schedule an appointment. Find out how we can help you or your child with ABA therapy to increase your child’s skills and decrease problem behaviors. ABA has been shown to be highly effective in numerous studies, and our quality ABA program has helped hundreds of children to meet goals, improve skills, and increase overall independence. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your life-changing ABA therapy.

Parent and caregiver autism training and consultation includes:

  • ZAnswering questions about problem behaviors
  • ZAnswering questions about how to teach new skills
  • ZReview of topics within our parent training handbook
  • ZReview of programs for acquiring skills, and how to implement them outside of ABA therapy
  • ZReview of behavior intervention plans to reduce problem behaviors, and how to implement them outside of ABA therapy


  • ZParents
  • ZAunts/Uncles
  • ZGrandparents
  • ZBabysitter/Nanny
  • ZOther Professionals who work with the child (Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, after-school or daycare program staff, etc.)

Applied Behavior Analysis

How ABA Helped Nathan from Tears & Tantrums to Popular & Personable

How ABA Helped Nathan from Tears Tantrums to Popular Personable

Nathan’s Behavior Needed to Change: At the beginning of therapy, Nathan was engaged in tantrums constantly, at least 4 times per hour, including kicking others, yelling at others, crying, slamming doors and more. He was also repeating words in silly ways up to 20 times per hour. Nathan had no friends at school or in his after-school program, and preferred to play alone with his toys brought from home. Nathan engaged in socially inappropriate behaviors like taking his pants down while on the way to the restroom, instead of waiting until he was in the restroom to do so. Nathan’s teachers said he was not paying attention in class some of the time, due to a lack of ability to manage his own behavior. His mother was concerned about increasing levels of anger, yelling, tantrums, and arguing at home. His father was worried about his academics because he was forgetting his homework even after completing it. His father was also worried about Nathan’s ability to become independent, given his many struggles. Nathan’s Behavior was Affecting Others: Nathan’s family often had to leave social and family events early or skip activities altogether because they didn’t know how Nathan would act. At one point, Nathan was asked not to attend a social group due to his behaviourfull-time. Nathan’s mother had to quit working and began to stay home full time to manage his behaviour and to work with him. Nathan’s Family Was Stressed: Nathan’s family started to wonder if anything would work. They were scared Nathan would live with them for the rest of his life and never be able to have a job, or friends, or a good relationship with his family.



Amazing Results for Nathan After Applied Behavior Analysis therapy

Nathan’s ABA Progress: Nathan saw amazing results! Nathan himself joked with us towards the end of therapy that maybe he would become a therapist for other children when he grew up. Nathan’s tantrums and aggression were gone by the end of therapy. Nathan’s communication improved to the point where he could explain his feelings and why he didn’t like something rather than having a tantrum. Nathan developed a much better relationship with his family members, and no longer fights with his siblings every day. Nathan was able to create a large group of friends who he loves to play with. Nathan also improved his independence and his ability to complete tasks at school, leaving him with better grades due to his ability to manage his homework and his tasks. Nathan says that he loved therapy and looked forward to it, and he remembers back to when he first started as the times when he needed help with his behavior. Nathan has come so far after therapy, that outside observers now have no idea that Nathan was diagnosed with Autism, and see him as a fun and loving kid who has lots of friends. Nathan has come a long way since the first day we met him!

Nathan’s parents are so happy with the results of therapy with Acuity Behavior Solutions! They are so grateful that Nathan is now having wonderful relationships with his parents, his siblings, and with his friends. Nathan’s mother said that her stress levels are much lower now that she does not see tantrums, aggression and arguing constantly. Nathan’s father is glad that Nathan is becoming more independent and is able to remember his tasks and duties like chores around the house on his own. Nathan’s sister laughs and says that Nathan used to be a “difficult” child, but that she now loves hanging out with her brother. Nathan and his family are able to go to events without fears and worries that Nathan’s behavior will result in them being “kicked out.” Nathan’s family life has seen many improvements after therapy.

Amazing Results for Nathan After Applied Behavior Analysis therapy

Frequently Asked Question

Questions on ABA Services

How will ABA help my child?

The families we work with usually say they’re extremely happy with their child’s progress in ABA therapy. Our main goals in ABA are to improve “appropriate behaviors,” which we call skill acquisition, and to decrease “inappropriate behaviors,” which we call problem behavior reduction. The science of ABA includes hundreds of extremely effective techniques for changing behavior. We often see the reduction of these inappropriate behaviors and increases in skills across all areas.

What does ABA Treatment Include?

Functional Behavior Assessment >> ABA Treatment, Supervision and ABA Parent Consultation >> Generalization to Other Locations and People >> Graduation!

What is Needed to Start with ABA Services

Most insurance companies require a diagnosis and recommendation for ABA therapy. Once our insurance specialist team has the diagnosis and recommendation from your diagnosing clinician, we will request all the basic information needed from you and fill out the authorization forms. We have all the insurance company contact information and forms, so you don’t have to worry about them!

Functional Behavior Assessment: ABA starts with an ABA Assessment, also called a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), a guide for our intervention. Our assessment includes both interactions with parents/caregivers and with your child. Our comprehensive assessments cover a wide range of areas with a specific focus in areas of difficulty for individuals with autism. Communication, social, behavioral, safety, self-help, and executive functioning skills are a common focus. We work on skills like verbal communication, non-verbal communication, social cues, social responses, following commands, compliance, waiting, making friends, conversation, sharing, self-help routines like washing hands, and many other skills.

ABA Treatment, Supervision, and ABA Parent Consultation: Applied behavior analysis intervention sessions will be spent in the home or in a natural environment, to work on the teaching of skills. Naturalistic, play-based ABA methods increase child participation and motivation, assist with easier fading of adult support, and result in decreased challenging behaviors during teaching sessions. In a play-based ABA session, your child has fun while the therapist systematically targets skills within the play routines. To the untrained eye, it may look like the therapist is just playing! Playtime allows our kiddos to generalize most of what we’re working on, particularly communication and social goals. We’re able to mimic so many things that arise in their daily, natural environments. The skills we teach through play are often more easily transferred outside of the center with classmates and siblings. Our focus is on an appropriate level of trials per hour, as well as the quality of those trials, to ensure optimal progress. Each “trial” is a teaching opportunity, and Applied behavior analysis intervention provides many trials of each goal we are working on. Studies show that this type of teaching is very effective. This approach facilitates your child’s engagement with age-appropriate toys and activities while teaching necessary skills utilizing his or her natural interests to reinforce new skills and desired behaviors. It also more closely replicates the way typically developing children often learn…through play! If appropriate for your child, ABA can also include some Discrete Trial work which might occur at the table, lots of positive reinforcement using whatever is motivating for the child: praise, tickles, hugs, high-fives, opportunities to play, and sometimes foods or candies (if the parent has approved). Often, the therapist will do a variety of tasks in order to assure that there are focus and mastery versus rote repetition or boredom. Our BCBAs use clinical judgement to determine if discrete trial training is needed for developing a particular skill.

Applied Behavior Analysis therapy

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