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Direct ABA Intervention

ABA Assessment, also called a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), is a guide for our intervention. Our assessment includes both interaction with parents/caregivers and with your child. Our comprehensive assessments cover a wide range of areas with a specific focus in areas of difficulty for individuals with autism. Communication, social, behavioral, safety, self-help, and executive functioning skills are a common focus.

We work on skills like verbal communication, non-verbal communication, social cues, social responses, following commands, compliance, waiting, making friends, conversation, sharing, self-help routines like washing hands, and many other skills.

Our focus is on an appropriate level of trials per hour, as well as the quality of those trials, to ensure optimal progress. Each “trial” is a teaching opportunity, and ABA therapy provides many trials of each goal we are working on.

ABA sessions will be spent in the home or in a natural environment, to work on the teaching of skills. Naturalistic, play-based ABA methods increase child participation and motivation, assist with easier fading of adult support, and result in decreased challenging behaviors during teaching sessions. In a play-based ABA session, your child has fun while the therapist systematically targets skills within the play routines. To the untrained eye, it may look like the therapist is just playing!

However, studies show that this type of teaching is very effective. This approach facilitates your child's engagement with age-appropriate toys and activities while teaching necessary skills utilizing his or her natural interests to reinforce new skills and desired behaviors. It also more closely replicates the way typically developing children often learn…through play!

It will include some Discrete Trial work which might occur at the table, lots of positive reinforcement using whatever is motivating for the child: praise, tickles, hugs, high-fives, opportunities to play, and sometimes foods or candies (if the parent has approved). Often, the therapist will do a variety of tasks in order to assure that there are focus and mastery versus rote repetition or boredom.

In order to be successful, the therapist must develop a rapport with your child. A process of pairing with reinforcement will take place during a portion of the session. If the child doesn’t like the therapist, he or she won’t do what the therapist directs them to do, so establishing that relationship is a critical requirement. This makes the therapy fun and engaging. During the first and last 15 minutes of the session, the therapist will be working on data collection, setting up or cleaning up the materials and checking in with the parent or caregiver. Sessions generally last several hours. The length of time that a session will occur will be a team decision, based on what is best for your child.

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