New Year Resolutions & Positive Goals for Behavior Analysis Services

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New Year Resolutions & Positive Goals for Behavior Analysis Services

Why this year’s Resolutions and Positive Goals will and SHOULD be different! It’s been a few weeks into the New Year and we heard an overwhelming majority are having trouble deciding what their new year resolutions or positive goals will be. For many, New Year’s resolutions are dramatic goals which cause us more stress and we beat ourselves up when we don’t achieve them. Given the past year we can understand why no one would want to make any type of commitment for this year, even some Behavior Analysis Services experts are suggesting it’s time to ditch the resolutions all together!

Now, while we see the point that some resolutions can cause disappointment and stress, let’s agree to not make “earth shattering” goals this year. Resolutions and goals can be small positive ones too!


Let’s be honest there is a reason “Patience is a Virtue” it’s not easy and life tests your patience A LOT, but children with autism sometimes require a higher level of patience in order to help them excel. Being mindful, thinking before doing, and staying calm in stressful moments can go a long way in helping your child with autism progress. Actively practicing patience and techniques can help you and your family to not sweat the small stuff and find peace more often.

Structure (as much as possible)

This past year threw off everyone’s routines and we learned the hard way just how much we need them. When we have routines the predictability that it provides is very calming for the whole family. Also, it helps your family keep and rhythm during the day and can anticipate which activities will be next. This year try your best to keep as many (positive) routines as possible.

Recognize Successes

It’s so easy to overlook small accomplishments, but this year make an effort to celebrate the small things. Whether it’s noticing your child is excelling in a subject or learning a new activity make your child know that you’ve noticed. Your spouse finally washed the dishes, give them credit! You remembered that thing you usually forget, good for you! It’s important to acknowledge these moments and give them appreciation. You and your family will feel empowered to accomplish more.

Be Positive!

Yes it sounds so cliché, but it works! Being “Good Vibes Only” all day really does change your perspective on life. Even if a day has started on the wrong foot, try to fix it before it takes over the whole day. Cheer up and turn negatives into positives. If your child is not behaving try to not focus on the misbehaving, remind them of how much better a day is when they do behave. Emphasizing that you appreciate your family when they are positive with help.

Setting small resolutions and positive goals will help you and your family to embrace the small things and have a better outlook this year. Take the time to reflect and set the goals that mean the most to you. Happy searching!

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