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Assessment guides our intervention. Our comprehensive assessments cover a wide range of areas with a specific focus in areas of difficulty for individuals with autism. Communication, social, and behavioral skills are a common focus. Assessment of behaviors at Acuity Behavior Solutions includes a functional behavior assessment. This is crucial to intervention, and a definite best practice.
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Direct ABA Intervention

Direct service includes home and community based behavioral intervention services provided by a qualified associate, and supervised by a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst). Direct ABA intervention includes skill teaching and implementation of strategies to reduce inappropriate behavior. Behavior Interventionists are trained in behavior management, skill teaching, DTT, NET, and many other methodologies to ensure quality of services.


Supervision is provided by a BCBA, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, who is trained in supervision of cases. Supervision includes modeling, teaching, feedback, and data analysis. Supervisors at Acuity Behavior Solutions provide individualized programs for each client, and modify programs/skills being taught in order to maximize skill teaching.
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Parent Consultation

Parent consultation provides parents with the tools and skills to implement the techniques and strategies of ABA on their own. Our parent training curriculum is adaptable for parents/caregivers at any level.

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