Assessment Guides Our Intervention

by | Jun 11, 2024

Our comprehensive assessments cover a wide range of areas

With a specific focus on areas of difficulty for individuals with Autism. Communication, social, and behavioral skills are a common focus. ABA Assessments in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}} at Acuity Behavior Solutions includes a functional behavior assessment. This is crucial to intervention.

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ABA Assessment

A highly-trained Board Certified Behavior Analyst will conduct an interview, observation, and direct testing with your child to fully assess the behaviors of concern and the areas where additional skills are needed.

Assessment of problem behaviors at Acuity Behavior Solutions includes several components:

Additionally, our experienced BCBAs will ask you questions and assess your child directly through the use of some of our standardized and developmental assessments including, but not limited to:

Our clinicians/BCBAs determine which assessment(s) are the most beneficial for your child’s therapy, as well as which assessment is required to request services through your insurance company.

At the end of the Functional Behavior Assessment with the BCBA, we will create a comprehensive report including a full analysis of the child’s problem behaviors, a plan for intervening on those behaviors to reduce them, a list of the top prioritized goals for increasing your child’s skills, goals for parents/caregivers, and a set of recommendations for how many hours of ABA is medically necessary.

Recommendations for the number of hours of ABA by the clinician are typically based on:

Goals will be objective, measurable and achievable.  Goals are often in the areas of:

Our comprehensive reports typically exceed the minimum report requirements for each of the insurance companies we are contracted with. This means our reports have more information and resources than required, to ensure the highest quality of care.

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Find out how we can help you or your child with ABA therapy to increase your child’s skills and decrease problem behaviors. ABA has been shown to be highly effective in numerous studies, and our quality ABA program has helped hundreds of children to meet goals, improve skills, and increase overall independence. Call us to set up an appointment!

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