Special Education in Orange County

Special Education in Orange County

When Will My Child Be Eligible for Free Special Education Classes in Los Angeles County?

Families should contact the Los Angeles Department of Education.

Children who are eligible for free special education classes in California starting at the age of 3.  Families should contact their local school district or department of education to obtain enrollment details.

For eligibility information, check the OCDE Special Education eligibility page: https://ocde.us/EarlyEducation/Pages/default.aspx

Check the OCDE Website for more information: https://ocde.us/Pages/Home.aspx

Students who are enrolled in Special Education benefit greatly from ABA therapy in conjunction to school district services. Acuity Behavior Solutions consults with school district staff to coordinate care and ensure that therapy is done in the home and in the school in a consistent and coordinated manner. This is called coordination of care and helps to make the therapy more effective.

Should I still do ABA if I already have behavior services in the school district? Is a common question parents ask. Not all children with an IEP, Individualized Education Plan, or free public education with the school district will qualify for behavior services in school. The behavior services provided in school are education focused, and are required to focus exclusively on areas that affect education. Schools provide a wonderful service that helps children with their education and academics. However, there are a large number of goals and skills that a school district may not be able to work on, which in-home ABA will cover, including functional communication in the home, social-emotional skills, home based behaviors, many self-care routines, and any other area of deficit that does not affect the child’s academics.

Families wanting to ensure their child is enrolled in all therapies to maximize progress may wish to enroll their child in public school to address academic areas, and in in-home therapy for all non-academic areas (socialization, functional communication, behavior, independence, and self-help).

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