Professional Workshops


Workshops in Autism & Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Acuity Behavior Solutions is able to offer customized training and consultation for staff at schools, social service organizations, non-profits, and private companies. We have delivered many trainings like the following:
Functional Behavior Assessment
Our ABA Workshop program is targeted towards professionals who offer consultation to parents that may have newly diagnosed young children with an autism spectrum disorder. Accessible approaches and therapies, strategies for action, and suggestions for children and families to help. We specialize in behavioral and developmental counseling. When children approach and enter the teen years, they have to contend with spurts of physical growth and hormonal shifts, as well as question social ties. Such complex physical and emotional changes are exacerbated by the usual disorder-associated problems such as rigidity, obsessions and compulsions, and deficiencies in social skills. Children with autism entering puberty may have greater developmental needs than other typically developing pre-teens.
We provide ABA Workshops for professional development and counseling training programs for teachers, professionals, and instructional consultants who work besides autistic children in both the regular education and the learning disabilities environment. Our training and workshop are designed to help employees of social service organizations learn more about autism and successful treatment methods at all levels.

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